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Upcoming scheduled maintenance will be performed on our website this Friday.

Starting at 8:00 p.m. CST, Friday, November 16, 2018, scheduled maintenance will be performed on our website. We are expecting to complete this maintenance by 11:30 p.m. CST.  Please note that the website will not be accessible during the maintenance time

Thank you for your patience during this temporary downtime as we work to continually improve your online experience.

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Delta Dental is proud to support oral health in our communities through large grants, donations, sponsorships, educational programs and our toothbrush donation program.

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Health Blog

A full Thanksgiving menu of mouth-friendly nutrients
Nutritious foods show up in abundance during November’s festivities. If you’re searching for nutrients that’ll help your smile, learn where they might be hiding in your Thanksgiving meal.  Main dishesTurkey is rich in protein, which means it contains high amounts of phosphoru
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How a large dental network helps your business
With a larger network size, your employees have a greater selection of dentists to choose from. The result for your business and employees is lower costs and better convenience.  Lower costA large network results in better utilization of in-network dentists by your employees, which helps keep
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Tricks to outsmart your sweet tooth
It’s Halloween night, and your kids have returned from trick-or-treating with their sugary loots. Before digging in, consider the cavity-causing effects that candy can have on teeth. Enjoying sweets in moderation and managing your cravings can help you avoid tooth decay. Start taming your swe
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How dental plan providers save small businesses time
When it comes to dental benefits, out-of-pocket costs are only one piece of the puzzle. Selecting, implementing and managing plans for your small business can mean significant loss of time – unless your dental plan provider has the training and resources needed to maximize efficiency. Learn wh
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