Extra protection for eligible members

Through Delta Dental’s Healthy Smiles, Healthy Lives® benefits, eligible covered members gain access to additional services to help reduce the risks associated with periodontal disease and certain existing medical conditions. This benefit also covers brush biopsies for earlier detection of oral cancer.

Basic Added Benefits

Additional Cleaning Benefit
Extra dental cleanings are available for those with certain specified conditions since oral health and more frequent cleanings have been shown to improve the health of those with the conditions as outlined below. Up to 4 cleanings per year are offered to eligible members with the following medical conditions: 

 • Periodontal disease

 • Pregnancy

 • Diabetes

 • Suppressed immune systems due to chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, HIV infection, organ transplant and/or stem cell (bone marrow) transplant

If eligible, members can self-report their condition(s) to Delta Dental to obtain the additional cleanings. They have the option to report online or by mail. Their dentist can also file a report for them.

Brush Biopsy Benefit
The benefit covers brush biopsies to help detect oral cancer sooner. Early detection of oral cancer can result in greatly improved odds of recovery, as well as a reduced need for extensive treatments.