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Healthy Smiles, Healthy Lives® – Extra Protection for Those Who Need It.

Through Delta Dental’s Healthy Smiles, Healthy Lives® Benefits, eligible covered members gain access to additional services. Extra dental cleanings for those with or at high risk for periodontal disease, optional coverage for implants and sealants, and a revised bitewing x-ray schedule may improve the oral and overall health of your employees and their covered family members.

Working with our nationwide claims warehouse, Delta Dental has reviewed the long-term health outcomes of the treatments and procedures listed to the right. All evidence points to the positive health advantages of incorporating these features in your company’s plan. The cost of this program is a percentage of the claims costs, determined by which options are selected, with no change to the administration fee.


Basic Options Option 1 - Coverage for Implants

Eligible members may receive up to four periodontal or dental cleanings per year to reduce the risks associated with periodontal disease and certain medical conditions. These enhanced benefits may be offered to:

• Persons diagnosed with periodontal disease

• Pregnant women

• Persons with diabetes

• Persons with suppressed immune systems due to chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, HIV infection, organ transplant, and/or stem cell (bone marrow) transplant

• Persons experiencing kidney failure or who are undergoing dialysis

Your eligible employees can self-report their condition(s) to Delta Dental to obtain the additional cleanings. They have the option to report online or by mail. Their dentists can also file a report for them.

Implants are a viable alternative to bridges for some people, with less invasive damage to adjoining teeth. Delta Dental will work with your program to determine an option for implant coverage based on your company’s needs.
Option 2 - Enhanced Coverage for Sealants
Sealants provide ongoing protection of teeth against caries. Full sealant coverage for children and adults can significantly reduce the risk of this preventable oral disease.
Option 3 - Improved Bitewing Schedule
New FDA guidelines for bitewing x-rays for people over the age of 15 may reduce unnecessary exposure to x-ray radiation.