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Group Leader Kit

The Group Leader Kit gives you access to a host of employer resources – ranging from enrollment forms to employee communications – to help you implement and manage your dental benefits plan.

Website Instructions

Self-Service Instructions for Group Leaders
Employer Portal Demo


Member Address Updates
Application for Enrollment
Application for Disabled or Handicapped Dependent Children
Full-Time Student Reminder
Online Web Guide

Invoicing and Payment

2020 Invoice Generation Schedule
2021 Invoice Generation Schedule
How to Read Your Invoice
Payment Options for Self-Funded Groups
ACH Agreement - Single Transaction
ACH Agreement - ASC Groups
ACH Agreement - Fully Insured Groups

Member Communications

Adult Preventive Care

Child Preventive Care

Member Benefits
Go Beyond Your ID Card



Mobile App and
Online Web Guide

Retiree Benefits Option

Opioid Education Flyer



Find a Dentist

How to Find a Dentist

 Delta Dental
Network Benefits

Explanation of Benefits



Virtual Visits


Video Resources

View videos on topics such as cleanings, exams, X-rays, root canals and more. 
View educational videos

Group Accounts Contacts

Contact List