Delta Dental Networks

How our two-tiered networks deliver more value

Delta Dental's unique two-tier approach to dentist networks offers the industry's broadest access, expanded protection and most savings with the Delta Dental PPO™ network and the Delta Dental Premier® network.

The largest networks for the greatest access

The primary purpose and core satisfaction in a dental benefits plan are defined by the ease and convenience of accessing care. Across the nation, Delta Dental PPO™ network and Delta Dental Premier® network offer the largest proprietary networks of participating dentists of any dental benefits plan. Nationwide Delta Dental has nearly 156,000 dentists practicing in more than 338,000 locations, providing our members with the most choice when it comes to selecting a dentist. The result is minimal disruption and fewer out-of-network claims for our members, which mean higher satisfaction and lower costs for dental care.

Broader protection with the most in-network dentists

Depending on the coverage plan design, selecting a dentist in the appropriate Delta Dental network will help to maximize the value of the benefits under the plan. A member can easily find a dentist online for either the Delta Dental PPO™ network or the Delta Dental Premier® network. (All dentists who participate in the Delta Dental PPO™ network are also in the Delta Dental Premier® network.) Dentists who participate with either network will handle all claims, accept Delta Dental's allowance in full and abide by our clinical policies for patient care for covered benefits. Group members appreciate the convenience, the reliability and the excellent care that the Delta Dental Difference® embodies.

Reliable savings through effective discounts

The real value of a provider network is more than just a look at the discounts. The value depends on the size of the network and the utilization of network providers by members. The effective discount is the savings on all claims for in and out-of-network dentists. The true effective discounts in place for Delta Dental plans across the nation demonstrate just how well the two-tier network model works for our clients and members.

Most dental plans can only offer discounts via a single network, resulting in a significantly higher percentage of claims through out-of-network dentists. With our two-tiered network model, our members' claims are eligible for discounts at two levels, with the Delta Dental PPO™ network offering the highest discounts and greatest savings in a PPO plan.

When you look at claims discounts across all three categories of providers (PPO, Premier and out-of-network), the value of the lower out-of-network utilization is crystal clear. Our effective discounts lead the industry, averaging 21.1 percent nationally* – delivering more than $6.7 billion in annual savings to our clients.