Delta Dental does more to help small businesses

Small businesses have big ideas and ambitions. But in some cases, not very big budgets. However, affordable group dental plans are possible with Delta Dental of South Carolina, whether it’s for two employees, 100 or a little more.

Delta Dental does more than any other dental benefits provider to support your clients’ employees and protect their budgets. With plan options backed by sound science and the nation’s largest network of dentists, it’s easy to see why over 157,000 employer groups and nearly 50% of U.S. Fortune 1000 companies choose Delta Dental.

Delta Dental everywhere: Our nationwide network delivers more access

We offer the nation’s largest dentist network, with more than 3 out of 4 dentists in the U.S. participating in a Delta Dental network.

Providing service with a smile

• Claim payment accuracy: 98.5%

• Claims processed in 14 days or less: 94.7%

• Call answered within 30 seconds: 94.2%

Get a right-sized plan

If you are a small business looking for dental benefits or just need individual coverage, contact your broker or insurance professional for more information on Delta Dental of South Carolina. 

If you are a broker looking for small business benefits in South Carolina, please contact 803-545-8450 or email

DeltaVision®: We do more for vision care, too

Delta Dental also offers trusted and reliable benefits for vision care. With DeltaVision, you can count on efficient joint administration for enrollment, billing, account management, and more. Your employees benefit, too, with local choice, nationwide access to care, and cost savings from an extensive network of vision care providers. Ask your broker or insurance professional for more information. More information on DeltaVision Employer.