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Delta Dental - Virtual Visits

Delta Dental - Virtual Visits delivered by TeleDentistry.com provides 24/7 access to a dentist, 365 days a year conveniently from your employees’ home through their smartphone, tablet or computer. Your employees should use this service if they have a dental emergency, need access to a dentist after hours, need a consultation with a dentist when theirs is not available or if they do not have a dentist.
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Why Choose Delta Dental?

Our commitment to improving oral health and helping you improve the health of your employees is one good reason. Need more? Delta Dental is the dental benefits expert—it is our focus. We have the largest network of dentists across the nation. 

Why Choose Delta Dental?

Group Leader Kit

With Delta Dental of South Carolina, you’ll have access to a host of employer resources—ranging from enrollment forms to employee communications—to help you implement and manage your dental benefits plan.

Group Leader Kit

Delta Dental Offers Big Savings for Small Businesses

Finding the best dental benefits for small businesses is easier when you consider Delta Dental offers the largest nationwide network with deep discounts – all with the customer service that exceeds expectations.

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To what age are dependent children covered? 

How is coordination of benefits (COB) determined? 

Does Delta Dental offer individual insurance?