Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Throughout our organization—and beyond.      

At Delta Dental of South Carolina, we’re committed to advancing a corporate culture where everyone belongs. Where our diversity is celebrated. And, equity is for all.

We want our organization to be a reflection of the diverse world around us. And, a place where everyone is free to be themselves. Where each individual’s unique talents, experiences and insights are respected. So, everyone can truly thrive.   

We’re deeply committed to continually expanding diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in our organization, in our vendor and business partnerships and through our mission to improve oral health in the communities we’re privileged to serve.


Our DE&I initiatives are anchored by a trio of topmost goals that keep us on track to drive positive change.      

   • Cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture

   • Evaluate our business operations from a diversity, equity and inclusion perspective.

   • Examine and enhance our community impact through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.


We put our commitment into action across our company and in our communities with continuous strides that include:

   • Providing ongoing diversity training for our team members to broaden awareness, understanding and respect

   • Pinpointing areas where diversity can be further enhanced throughout our organization

   • Exploring opportunities to expand and enhance relationships with partners of minority-owned businesses

   • Evaluating ways to reduce dental care disparities among our covered members and throughout the communities we serve

   • Adapting our mission-giving and oral health grant program strategies to help more children and adults in diverse, underserved areas get the vital dental care they need.


Our work continues.

And, we are not alone.

Together—with fellow Delta Dental member companies across the United States, we’re working to help change lives for the better—and build a more equitable world for all.